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Universal Shroud

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The Universal Shroud is unparalleled in its commitment providing unwavering durable stability within a helmet shroud in enhancing user experience and field capacity, while compatible...
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The Universal Shroud is unparalleled in its commitment providing unwavering durable stability within a helmet shroud in enhancing user experience and field capacity, while compatible with nearly all helmets with 1 or 3 holes, or no holes with optional Strap Assembly. Compatible Helmet Types are not limited to, but include, MICH, ACH, CVC, and PASGT, in addition to non-ballistic helmet types such as PROTECH.

In contrast to simply another plastic or aluminum molded NVG holding device—the Universal Shroud exhibits the ultimate in Anti-Wobble design—enhancing safety-ensuring wearability while extending field life. This precision-machined interface manufactured from high-strength, corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum alloy specifically designed for mold integration within the high-strength non-metallic shell optimizes impact resistance even when subjected to severe, direct-impact strikes.

All hardware, including slides, fasteners, springs, and other metallic hardware is selected and tested to withstand through the harshest environmental conditions. The precision machining of the interface incorporated with shock absorbent pads ensures a continuous Anti-Wobble fit enduring through natural or accelerated environmental wear (though proper maintenance is necessary to avoid wear caused by salt-water crystallization, sand, or dirt build-up).

Contributing to the reduction of undesired NVG-to-helmet wobble, the Universal Shroud’s stability management system begins at the rear of the shroud where a gasket affixed to the unique curvature of the shroud creates a harmonious, self-stabilizing compression effect. Meanwhile, the front of the shroud features four high-endurance shock absorbers further enhancing helmet mount and NVG stability.

The elegantly engineered tether plug front attached to the Universal Shroud reduces the possibility of NVG damage through accidental drop or disengagement from helmet mount, yet automatically releases when snagged or subjected to deliberate user release.

Meeting or exceeding military specifications, the Universal Shroud raises the standard in stable longevity for night vision support hardware exhibiting exceedingly high strength endurance resulting in the most sophisticated tolerance-controlled shroud in today’s market. Interfacing with Norotos’ Anti-Wobble optimized Helmet Mounts extends total system longevity while ascending beyond former stability and performance benchmarks.

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[NSN 5855-01-569-7751]-TAN (SAND)


  • Aerospace Quality Aluminum Alloy & High-Strength Impact Resistant Polymers enhance performance and durability
  • Ergonomically Enhanced Shell safeguarding attachment through extending surface area
  • Advanced Anti-Wobble Stability Management System with self-stabilizing compression and high-endurance shock absorbers
  • Tether Plug prevents accidental NVG damage from drop/disengagement, yet releases when snagged or deliberate user action
  • Compatible With Nearly All Helmets including 1 hole, 3 holes, or no holes with optional strap assembly

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