All of our products are made in the U.S.A

About Us

Veteran Owned and Proud!!

We are proud to be among those who served our country; some with sweat and tears, some with family hardships, and some with even their lives.

We operate HCC Tactical with the same values instilled in us from the military.  We will only offer top quality products to our customers that have been effectively proven in the markets and on the sand.

Our Plan for Growth.... Grow with Us!

After a grueling year of sweat and tears we have finally opened up the online tactical retail shop ( This will be used to help grow our brand and allocate resources to branch out into the next phase of our business. The Tactical shop is here to stay and will continue to compliment our business model.  Our brands will slowly grow over time as we secure holdings with larger high-quality manufactures.

The plan within the next 2 years is to establish a coatings business (HydroCore Concepts) focused on the application of DuraKote, CeraKote and Hydrographics; we will cater to not only gun enthusiast but also to those in the automotive industry, industrial sector, ATV’s / Motorcycles, racing, etc.... There really is nothing that cant be Koted or Dipped. A new website will be created specifically for this side of the business as to not interfere with our online marketing strategy.

We will then round off our coating offerings by adding Powder Coating technology to our lineup to make us a one stop shop.

Hydrographics, CeraKote, DuraKote, and Powder Coating will allow us to blend the different application processes to provide a unique level of style and protection for your specific needs.

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