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Black; TNVC - Mohawk MK3 GEN. 2 AN/PVS-31 Battery Box Counterweight - HCC Tactical

Mohawk MK3



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The Mohawk MK3 Generation 2 is a full spectrum counterweight / storage system for the modern combat helmet.  Incorporating operator feedback as well as our...
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The Mohawk MK3 Generation 2 is a full spectrum counterweight / storage system for the modern combat helmet.  Incorporating operator feedback as well as our staff’s own battlefield experience, we designed the Mohawk MK3 Gen. 2 to be a highly functional, modular accessory for all modern warriors.  It provides useful storage and retention of mission-essential gear and will attach to any currently-fielded ballistic or bump helmet with Velcro.  Building on the feature-rich MK1 and MK2, the MK3 variant is designed for operators running the L-3 Insight AN/PVS-31(A) AA or CR123 Battery Packs. This would include goggles such as the AN/PVS-31(A), GPNVG-18, AN/PSQ-36, etc.

  • Lighter Weight 500D Cordura Nylon construction
  • Pattern-matched loop fastener in ALL patterns
  • Cord Lock Retainer
  • Longer loops for comms cable retention
  • 100% Berry Compliant

The Mohawk MK3 Gen. 2 is packed full of useful features for Armed Professionals.  No other helmet accessory system offers this level of versatility.


Signal Strobe Attachment & Retention  A vertically-oriented Mohawk strip is the centerpiece of the design.  It features a Velcro pile surface that accepts attachment of all currently issued / fielded signal strobe devices.  The continuous pile strip allows for precise placement of the device on the rear or top of the helmet.  It also provides enough room for attaching a blast sensor device.  An adjustable shock cord net provides secondary retention for the devices while not limiting access to their controls.  This is important when performing high stress activities such as airborne operations and high angle work.  Don’t wear a strobe light?  No problem.  The shock cord net provides excellent storage for a SOF-T tourniquet – Easily accessible and always handy.

Battery Box Storage Compartment  This is the main difference between the Mohawk MK3 Gen. 2 and the other models.  The MK3 features a purpose-built pouch for holding the L-3 Insight AN/PVS-31 remote battery pack. The pouch is perfectly sized to hold the BNVD Battery Box that powers the AN/PVS-31, GPNVG-18, and AN/PSQ-36. Bottom corner openings allow the battery cable to feed out to the NVG and provide access to the on-board IR Strobe controls.  The bottom webbing partially covers the battery lever to help prevent accidental activation while still allowing easy access from the side.  A single thick Velcro strap covers the center section of the battery pack, securing it in the pouch and covering the screw top to prevent it from accidentally opening.  The IR strobe bubbles are left exposed on either side.

Ready Access Batteries  Two elastic loops are located on either side of the main compartment, providing immediate access battery storage.  These loops allow operators to grab two batteries without ripping Velcro.  They also provide secondary functionality by holding chemlights for nighttime airborne operations or field ID during training maneuvers.
Headset Cable Management  The Mohawk MK3 Gen. 2 has two bottom-located Velcro strips for bundling and storing communication headset cable.  This extremely useful feature solves one of the most annoying issues facing operators.  The headset cable that plugs into your body-mounted PTT is often left dangling to snag on everything during training or storage of the helmet.  Or if you have dual comms (one for team radio and one to plug into the vehicle radio), one of the cables will be left to dangle when you dismount the vehicle.  The Mohawk MK3 Gen. 2 cable storage straps will stow those pesky cables, protecting them and giving you freedom of head movement.

Secondary Retention  The Mohawk MK3 Gen. 2 features two loops for routing 550 or shock cord on either side.  This is for secondary retention of the entire system during high intensity activities.  Velcro does not provide 100% retention on a helmet.  The Mohawk MK3 Gen. 2 provides the opportunity for the operator to run cord from the system to the rear helmet bolts or rail.  Doing so will keep your Mohawk MK3 Gen. 2 securely in place regardless of battlefield conditions.

User Feedback Generated Gen. 2 Features  Lighter weight 500D Cordura Nylon material compared to the 1000D Gen. 1 versions, color and pattern matched Velcro pile on all versions, improved cable retention for helmet mounted comms, and a built-in cord lock retainer to keep the bungee retainer from hanging loose.

The Mohawk MK3 Gen. 2 is the most feature-rich helmet accessory system available.  But, if you don’t run an NVG with a remote battery box, check out the Mohawk MK1 Gen. 2.  If you run an ANVIS or Ground Warrior Battery Pack, check out the Mohawk MK2 Gen. 2.


DIMENSIONS ------------------------------------------
MOHAWK STRIP 6″ x 2.75″
BATTERY BOX COMPARTMENT Approx 3.50″(H) x 3.75″(W) x 1.0″(D)
WEIGHT 2.0 oz.