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JPL - Portable Jump Light

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JPL is a wireless, RF-controlled portable jump light system designed for use on aircraft not already equipped with jump lights, or as a back-up to the existing jump light system. The JPL kit comprises a compact, handheld Control Module for the pilot or jumpmaster, and a remotely activated Jump Light Module (RED/GREEN) for temporary installation near the exit door or ramp. JPL is designed to work from any position within the aircraft including through flight deck bulkheads. The system operates on FCC-approved 2.4 GHz transceivers designed not to interfere with aircraft electrical or communication systems.


After arming both devices and establishing an RF “handshake” between the two, the Control Module can wirelessly transmit the READY light (RED) or the GO light (GREEN) to the remote Jump Light Module. Both devices are provided with dimmer switches to accommodate day or night operations.


Other items in the kit include spare CR123 cells, operating instructions, and multiple Velcro® attachment/mounting options in a compact, padded Pelican case.


  • Control Module — Handheld device with ON/OFF switch, RED & GREEN pushbutton switches with indicator LEDs, dimmer switch, and removable cover.
  • Light Module — Remotely-activated handheld device with ON/OFF switch, RED and GREEN lights, LED indicators, dimmer switch and removable cover.
  • Attachment Accessories — Two re-usable Velcro and bungee “Attach Patches” and self-adhesive Velcro patches provide for temporary mounting of the Light Module to aircraft structure at the door or ramp.

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