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Black; Wilcox Hybrid Life Support Systems - HCC Tactical

Patriot Life Support System

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CBRN HYBRID LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEM In partnership with Blueforce., Wilcox is proud to design and manufacture this state-of-the-art life support system. With...
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In partnership with Blueforce., Wilcox is proud to design and manufacture this state-of-the-art life support system. With exclusive 5500 psi bottles and an unprecedented 10 year warranty, the Hybrid PATRIOT 5510 offers responders four breathing modes – SCBA, PAPR, APR, and SAR. The Hybrid PATRIOT 5510 is the next generation in hybrid life support systems offering innovative electronics, equipped for CBRN environments, improved monitoring capability, revolutionary power supply system, and world class breaching/cutting torch options.

Features and Benefits

  • CBRN Dual-Mode Apparatus BS 8468-5:2011 certified
  • Dual 5500 PSI (379 Bar) Cylinder (60 minutes of SCBA air)
  • Battery Speed Loader (AA or CR123 battery compatible)
  • Ergonomically Balanced Lightweight Backpack Carrying System
  • First Responder Respirator (FRR) Gas Mask
  • 2 Scott CBRN Cap1 Filters
  • Improved Monitoring Capability
  • Revolutionary Power Supply System
  • Configurable for Subterranean CONOPS
  • Low Pressure SAR Line Connection
  • Situational Awareness Electronics Package

Optional Features

  • Breacher’s Kit: Exothermic Cutting Torch
  • Rescue Kit: 5500 PSI (379 Bar)


Does your mission require breaching? Our Cutting Torch system is lightweight, low profile and scalable to meet your mission requirements. Using fuel rods promoted by pure oxygen, our system will quickly get you through what stands in your way when other breaching methods aren’t suitable for technical or tactical reasons. The HELLBOY™ exothermic cutting torch handle sets our system apart. The O2 flow wheel is easily controlled by the operator’s thumb, allowing for nimble changes of air flow. The quick change collet adjusts for different size fuel rods without removing the head enabling you to stay on target longer.

Features and Benefits

  • Cuts through a variety of obstacles enhancing breaching capability
  • Lightweight/portable design provides ease of carry & deployment
  • Cylinder flow valve allows quick on/off & adjustment of O2
  • Pressure indicator displays remaining cylinder pressure
  • Quick connect fittings on cylinder, hose & handle
  • CGA charging port is quickly accessible for O2 charging


  • Weight: 192 oz
  • Dimensions: 5.0” DIA x 22.5” H
  • Capacity @ 3,000 PSI: 27.5 cu. ft.



For your fortified and very difficult entry scenarios the O2 Exothermic Torch Supply System is the workhorse that will get you where you need to go. With twin 550ci cylinders protected by a portable ultra-high impact co-polymer case this system serves as an excellent exothermic training device due to the amount of oxygen being supplied and its dual whip configuration. The recharging and operational controls remain the same as our other torching systems and the system is designed to be rolled or transported into place.


  • Weight (with Oxygen): 1,184 oz
  • Dimensions: 20.6” L x 12.5” W x 31.6” H
  • Cylinder Volume: 1,100 cu. in.
  • Capacity @ 3,000 PSI: 130 cu. ft.