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HEL-STAR 6 Gen III (Lead Jumper)

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HEL-STAR 6® Lead Jumper is designed for HALO teams to utilize when doing practice jumps State-side or Covert Ops in the field.  In many scenarios, it is vital for the HALO team to stack in behind a single jumper to follow to the target destination.

The Lead Jumper can switch the mode of the HEL-STAR to a Max Bright signal with a flashing Morse code 'D' strobe pattern to ensure all members of the team can properly identify him.  Even under canopy the light will be clearly visible by the team, in the visible or the IR spectrum.

  • Spectrum Options - Visible (White, Green), NIR (890nm) 
  • Safety - Unique battery access design provides a snag-free profile on all sides. Primary Velcro® attachment provides emergency peel-away to reduce potential for injury.
  • Visibility - Omni-directional. Intensities can be scaled up or down for special requirements. White flash exceeds FAA 3-statute mile parachuting requirement.
  • Simple, Secure Operation - Switches are designed for positive operation by a gloved-hand, in the blind, with the helmet donned. Mode selection switch design options provide operational flexibility or strong security between overt and covert operating modes.
  • Operating Extremes - HEL-STAR 6®  is shock and vibration resistant, dustproof and open sea waterproof to 130 fsw (laboratory 300+ feet). Optional screw closure for battery door is available for diving operations. Every unit is waterproof tested at final inspection—without screw closure.
  • Operating Status Awareness - Switch design provides visual and tactile confirmation of ON/OFF and operating status with no guesswork; visual confirmation prevents inadvertent battery discharge in the IR operating mode.
  • Versatility - “Attach Patch” series of secure helmet, MOLLE, and equipment attachment means including self-adhesive, sew-on, tie-down, and loop-around.
  • Battery - The single CR123 cell can be replaced in the field.

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