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37-In-1 Tactical Gun Multi-Tool

This beefy, folding X-frame tool is built specifically for the needs of AR15 owners who want to keep their gun up and...
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37-In-1 Tactical Gun Multi-Tool

This beefy, folding X-frame tool is built specifically for the needs of AR15 owners who want to keep their gun up and running. It starts with textured iron tough G-10 side-plates for an extra-sure grip. The frame itself is fully loaded with a focused set of highly capable AR platform tools. It equips users to quickly remove carbon from all 12 critical surfaces of the bolt carrier group, make repairs in the field or on the bench, reduce malfunctions, add or remove accessories, make sight adjustments, and easily disassemble and reassemble their guns. This is the ultimate multi-tool for the AR15!

The Smartest, Most Capable Multi-Tool For The World’s Most Popular Platform.
This folding X-Frame tool is clad with G-10 grip plates and is the most capable partner made for the AR15. It’s packed with precision-made, mission-specific tools.
It removes carbon with ease from 12 critical bolt carrier group surfaces, makes repairs, helps customize, reduces malfunctions, and makes disassembly and reassembly fast and easy.

The integrated threaded post and receiver fits punches, picks, cleaning rods, and cables. The tactical sheath is MOLLE-compatible and carries 10 additional bits and an A1 & A2 Front Sight Adjuster for even greater capability whenever and wherever you need it.

This is the Real Avid AR15 Tool. It features two-dozen different tools to keep your AR functioning flawlessly. Carbon is the enemy of tactical rifles. The AR15 Tool removes carbon from the 12 surfaces of the bolt carrier group with Real Avid’s AR15 Scraper. The quarter-inch driver includes 12 bits that will handle any screw you’ll encounter on your AR … or any gun.

The AR15 Tool also has a carbide glass breaker, a three and a quarter-inch 440C stainless serrated Tanto blade, a bolt override tool, needle nose pliers, carbide cutter, and tap hammer. This tool also has a pin punch and pick that are interchangeable to fit 8-32 male and female adapters for cleaning brushes and rods. The ballistic nylon sheath is fully adaptable to your M.O.L.L.E. system pack or belt and also has a pocket for the included 4 or 5 pin front sight adjuster. The Real Avid AR 15 Tool, you need one.

Tool Features:

  • Combination Needle-Nose Pliers
  • Carbide Cutter
  • G10 Grip Plates
  • High Strength Stainless Steel Frame
  • Metal File
  • Bolt Carrier Carbon Scraper
  • 8-32 Threaded Receiver Fits Standard Gun Cleaning Rods, Cables, Brushes, & Implements
  • 3/32” Detachable Pin Punch
  • 10 Function Bolt Carrier Group Scraper
  • Cotter Pin Puller
  • 440C Serrated Tanto Knife
  • Detachable Pick
  • 3-Position Locking Bit Driver
  • Bit Driver Includes 12 Bits
  • Bolt Override Tool Tap Hammer (On Reverse Side)

Sheath Features:

  • Elastic Bit Storage
  • Front Site Adjuster Storage
  • Mole-Compatible Straps (On Reverse Side)

Included Bits and Implements: 3/32" Allen®, 7/64" Allen®, 1/8" Allen®, 9/64" Allen®, 3/16" Allen®, T10 Torx®, T15 Torx®, T20 Torx®, #1 Phillips®, 3/16" Flat, 3/32" Flat, 1/4" Flat, 3/32" Pin Punch