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AKA II HYPER Helmet Mount

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The AKA II HYPER delivers the optimal blend of adaptability, rugged field use, and intuitive operation—creating a device heightened in its ease of available interchangeability between HORN and DOVETAIL style NVGs. Precision manufacturing and harmonious design activate a helmet mount resulting from continuous improvement and constant evolution of Norotos’ enduring products.

Building on the AKA II product line, AKA II HYPER creates an advanced platform equipped with Anti-Wobble engineering—enhancing stability while preventing eye fatigue—extending field use capacity in the process. Combining one hand adjustments designed with safe and easy tactile differentials alongside infinite adjustment capability further enhances comfort and versatility.

Further manufactured elegance within the AKA II HYPER includes a Push Button Deploy/Stow Release enabling smooth and quiet operation, while Break Away Button adds the flexibility of either breakaway or lock mode depending on operational specifications.

Developed through constant user-feedback and application engineering into one of the most rugged and versatile helmet mounts, AKA II HYPER sets itself apart with the available Anti-Wobble Quick Change Horn or Dovetail Adapters. AKA II HYPER is a prime option for the user who demands unparalleled flexibility in the field, while maintaining long lasting stable durability


  • Ergonomically Optimized Vertical, Tilt, and Fore/Aft-Eye-Relief Adjustment Levers for a custom-fit user experience
  • Helmet Mount Release Button allows quick one-handed release from Helmet Bracket or Shroud
  • Break Away Button permits user set breakaway or locked mode depending on operational needs with user adjustable tension release
  • Push Button Deploy/Stow Release enables single-handed smooth & quiet NVG flip-up/flip-down
  • Horn & Dovetail NVG Interchangeability with dual sockets for quick-change conversion
  • Universal NVG Compatible for PVS-7B/D, PVS-14, PVS-7A/7C, PVS-15, PVS-18, PVS-21, & PVS-31
  • Glide-Rite Infinitely Adjustable in both vertical and horizontal directions
  • Reduced Weight & Enhanced NVG Center of Gravity prevents user fatigue allowing long-term ergonomic wearability
  • Auto Shut-Off when NVG in stow position or removed from mount
  • Durable Helmet Mount Surface Finishes withstand extreme environmental and field conditions
  • Safe & Easy Operational Tactile Differentials on operating levers, knobs, and buttons
Interface Adapters:

Quick-Change Dovetail Socket (click here to view) (PVS-15/18/21 Interface Adapter)

Rapidly transform your HORN (PVS-7/14) style helmet mount for DOVETAIL (PVS-15/18/21/31) readiness with Quick-Change Sockets. As easy as a turn and a slide gives you the option of turning Norotos helmet mounts that include the AKA II (#1840010), AKA II HYPER (#1940010), INVG HYPER (#1920010), and Lo-Sto Force-to-Overcome (#1962010) and Push Button (#1960010) into a realm of expanded versatility in becoming DOVETAIL compatible.

Quick-Change Horn Socket (Click here to view) (PVS-7/14 interface Adapter)

Easily convert your DOVETAIL (PVS-15/18/21/31) style helmet mount into HORN (PVS-7/14) style readiness with Quick-Change Sockets. A simple turn and slide opens a new space of possibilities for select Norotos helmet mounts including the AKA II (#1840010), AKA II HYPER (#1940010), INVG HYPER (#1920010), and Lo-Sto Force-to-Overcome (#1962010) and Push Button (#1960010), all becoming HORN compatible.






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