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ACH 360 Liner Kit

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Product Details

This Product is subject to ITAR/EAR Export Controls. Please visit our ITAR/EAR page (click here) or Contact Us for more Information.

  • Two-piece construction (impact liner and comfort pads) maintains blunt impact protection throughout the head regardless of location of the Comfort Pads; an advantage over traditional block systems which only provide protection where the block is located.
  • Comes with complete sets of 1⁄4”, 1⁄2”, and 3⁄4” thick Comfort Pads that can be intermingled to create a unique user fit for maximum comfort.
  • Comfort Pads are wrapped in breathable, moisture-wicking outer fabric, ensuring low moisture absorbency in a dual density comfort material that is simple to clean.
  • Comfort Pads are easily removed for cleaning or replacement.
  • Designed to not retain water or sweat.
  • Compatible with U.S. Army ACH helmets (SM, MD, LG, XL), USMC LWH Type I and MICH Type II helmets, and Gentex Tactical Ballistic Helmet Systems.
  • Works with Ops-Core H-Nape and X-Nape 4-Point Head-Loc Chinstraps.
  • Lightweight (.20 lbs./90 g) (Liner with ½” Comfort Pads).
  • Ops-Core ACH 360°Liner is used with all Ops-Core Head-Loc 4-Point H-Nape and Chinstraps.

Testing, Protocols, and Design

  • Designed and Tested in accordance with Gentex PRS-1005 Product Specification for the Ops-Core ACH 360°Liner.
  • Meets Blunt Impact Protection as stated in U.S. Army Purchase Description Helmet, ACH CO/PD-05-04: 30 October 2007. (Blunt Impact Protection is measured with fourteen impacts in seven locations at 10 Feet Per Second on a Hemispheric Anvil with no impact measuring over 150 Gs of force; tested in ambient, hot and cold conditions).
  • Meets 9mm 124gr FMJ RN at 1400 fps (+/- 50 fps) Resistance to Penetration (RtP) and Ballistic Transient Deformation (BTD) as stated in U.S. Army Purchase Description Helmet, ACH CO/PD-05-04: 30 October 2007. (Ballistic Transient Deformation is measured using the 9mm 124gr FMJ RN projectile impacting the helmet on a clay head-form and measuring the depth of the crater with no deformation greater than 16.0mm on the sides and crown, and no deformation greater than 25.4mm on the front and back).
  • Environmental affects testing: seawater resistant; weatherometer (accelerated aging); high temperature operating and storage; cold temperature operating and storage; field agent resistant (DEET insect repellant, gasoline, motor oil, petroleum based hydraulic fluid, fire resistant hydraulic fluid, diesel fuel oil, aviation turbine fuel, rifle bore cleaning compound, weapons lubricating oil, weapons artic lubricating oil, and face paint).


  • Main element of liner constructed of 45 g/l density Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) material.
  • Main element of Comfort Pads constructed out of Polinazell 20 Polyether Foam.
  • Weight is 0.20 pounds (90 grams).


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