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Body Armor Overview - Ownership, Usage, and Purchasing

Disclaimer: We are not lawyers. If you have specific questions, it's best to ask your local law enforcement agency about the laws governing the purchase and use of body armor in your state.

It's no secret, with the state of things going on in the world, there’s a large number of people looking for the best way to keep them and their families out of harm's way. Gun purchases have gone up, and something mostly dedicated to military, law enforcement, and security details is being looked at by a larger group of people, specifically civilians. This leads to a question many folks are asking; is it legal to wear body armor in public?
Unfortunately, like most things governed by a higher authority, body armor usage is not a simple yes or no answer. Instead, it's more of an "it depends" answer, although in most cases it is legal. Like owning a gun, it depends on where you live, your criminal record, and intent. 

Below we will list the current states in which Body Armor is currently restricted and any circumstances that allow purchase.  We highly recommend you review your state laws as wearing body armor while committing certain acts can be a Felony offense.


Connecticut:  Almost all states allow in-person and Internet transactions for the purchase of body armor. However, suppose you're a resident of Connecticut. In that case, the law states, "It is a class B misdemeanor to sell or deliver body armor without the transfer occurring in person."

This means, if you're an online retailer only, you can't sell to residents of Connecticut. You would have to go see them in person to make this sale. Of course, this could change, but as of the writing of this article, this is Connecticut law.

Internet sales for CT are only allowed if you meet and provide the proper credentials for certain cases listed below:

  1. Authorized officials or sworn members of local police departments, the State Police, the Division of Criminal Justice, the Department of Correction, or the Board or Pardons or Parole;
  2. Authorized municipal or Department of Administrative Services' officials who buy body armor for the above agencies;
  3. Authorized Judicial Branch officials who buy body armor for probation officers; and
  4. Members of the National Guard or armed forces (CGS § 53-341b).

New York: Effective July 6, 2022, when not being engaged or employed in an eligible profession, the purchase, taking possession of, sale, exchange, giving or disposing of body armor is prohibited.  People engaged or employed in eligible professions include:  

  1. Police officers; 
  2. Peace officers; 
  3. Persons in military service in NYS or military or other service for the United States; and 
  4. Such other professions designated by the Department of State in accordance with section 144-a of the Executive Law. 

All other States: For everyone else, purchasing body armor is perfectly legal to purchase online, so long as you aren't a felon.  Certain types of Body Armor may require identification to meet EAR / ITAR regulations however (US Citizenship).

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As a reminder, we are not lawyers, and laws get updated. While this material may have been up to date as of the publication of this article, things do change. We advise you to talk to your local law enforcement agency if you have any questions about purchasing and using body armor in your state.