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SMR 556 Gear Retention Track Kit


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By design, the Gear Retention Track™ (GRT™) is a simple accessory attachment
system. We focused on ease of use and function to meet the needs of the modern operator. The time has come to move past the struggle with clips, Velcro, or weaving straps to remove pockets and pouches while modifying your gear. By implementing creative material and design choices, we reduced complexity, production cost and improved the operator performance with enhanced accessibility. The GRT™ product line, integrates seamlessly into your legacy plate carrier system or belt. Whether you wear gear on your carrier or your belt, there’s an accessory to meet your operational needs. For those interested in the GRT™ system but would like to use a legacy soft pouch, our GRT™ Webbing Adapter is a simple bolt on solution compatible with most pouches.

The Skeletonized Magazine Retention (SMR™) is a minimalistic magazine holder with maximum retention. The user can mount the SMR™ by using any of the GRT™ attachment platforms. The SMR™ Dust-E™ ensures that dust and debris do not compromise magazine function.

The ELOS GRT Baseplate kit for the PlateFrame includes:

  • One GRT™ Base Plate with Straps
  • Three SMR™ 5.56

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