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ACH / TBH Skeleton One Hole Shroud

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  • Snag free, low profile design and contoured geometry eliminate sharp edges or corners that can create snag hazards for cabling.
  • Features connection points for the carabineer or hook style Skeleton Rail Bungees.
  • A low profile ballistic screw and T-Nut assembly improves ballistic performance and allows users to more easily install and remove the Shroud as required.
  • Hardware works in conjunction with a rubber gasket that creates excellent adhesion to the shell for a solid, positive connection that provides superior NVG stability.
  • Compatible with all sizes of U.S. Army ACH helmets, Gentex Tactical Ballistic Helmet (TBH) Systems, and the Gentex Special Operations Headset Adaptable Helmet (SOHAH).
  • Available in Urban Tan, Foliage Green, and Black.

    Designed for universal compatibility with most NVG mounts, Ops-Core Shrouds provide a secure attachment at the front of the helmet for NVGs, video cameras, illuminators, and other components. Choose the lightweight Skeleton Shroud, which provides multiple attachment points for added strength; the Skeleton One Hole Shroud for easier installation; or the VAS, the original Ops-Core shroud, with less attachments and slightly higher weight to maintain consistency with previously fielded helmets. Both style shrouds are compatible with ballistic visors to offer several options for fully integrated face protection.


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