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Black; Motorola Si500 Body Camera & Video Speaker Microphone - HCC Tactical

Si500 Body Camera & Video Speaker Microphone

Product Details

With the recent explosion in video evidence, it’s critical that you have a smart, secure way to manage it. Court cases and lives hang in the balance. There’s simply no margin for error.

The Si500 Police Body Camera is part of our complete solution for capturing, storing, analyzing and sharing crucial video evidence. It combines a body-worn camera, remote speaker microphone and smart interface in a single device. Call it an all-in-one solution or a trusted partner. It’s a device you can depend on in the moments that matter.

With a hi-res video camera and five microphones, you can capture all the evidence you need. Record video clips and still images, witness and suspect interviews, and even audio notes about an incident. Count on mission-critical features like the adaptive audio engine that delivers loud and clear audio in any wearing position. Enjoy an intuitive touchscreen and advanced ergonomics that make it easy to operate even with gloves on or in wet conditions.

The Si500 has a 210° articulating camera, which is more flexible than most body-worn cameras. No matter what your size or uniform type, there’s a comfortable way to wear it without compromising the field of view. Designed to survive tough conditions ranging from water submersion to accidental drops, the Si500 can withstand whatever punishment the job dishes out. Because in a chase, the last thing a police officer should be thinking about is equipment.

At Motorola Solutions, we’ve dedicated ourselves to working with public safety and law enforcement agencies. For over 85 years, people around the world have relied on us for mission-critical communications. That’s why the Si500 is more than just a camera. It’s a partner that won’t let you down.


  • Secure evidence capture: Get a clearer picture

    You have enough to worry about without wondering if you captured that crucial piece of video evidence that can help close a case. With a hi-res video camera and five microphones, you’ll have a more clear account of how events unfolded. Capture video clips and still images of an incident, obtain witness and suspect interviews and record audio clips with your notes about the events. The Si500 Body Camera & Video Speaker Microphone gives you gives you optimal field of view and clear images even in low light. While recording video, the radio noise is suppressed, giving you crystal-clear audio to bolster the evidence in court. And you can even configure the camera to capture video before recording is initiated, so you get the important details you might otherwise miss.

    The recording stays secure from the moment of capture through uploading and beyond. It’s encrypted both on the device and in transit over Wi-Fi, and then stored securely in CommandCentral Vault. With metadata included, your video becomes vital evidence. Things like time, location, date and device ID are tagged automatically, making it easily searchable in the CommandCentral Vault. All of which builds a stronger case by keeping the chain of evidence intact from capture to courtroom.

    You also get the peace of mind knowing that events will be recorded if you run into trouble. Just push the emergency button or send a “man down” signal from the radio, and the Si500 starts recording automatically—without you having to manually trigger it. Keep your focus on the situation at hand instead of worrying about whether or not you pressed the right button.

  • Flexible design: Wear it your way

    The Si500 camera articulates 210°, so it’s more flexible than most body-worn cameras. No matter what your size or uniform, there’s a practical way to wear it—whether it’s on the chest or at the shoulder.

    It features a 3.2" display, optimally sized for comfortable viewing without getting in the way. Wear it facing in to be discreet, or to help deter aggressive behavior, wear it facing out so people can see themselves being recorded. The large screen is also perfect for reviewing recorded content and tagging it without having to carry a second device.

    The Si500 supports a variety of accessories to help you be more effective. Choose from a range of carry options that provide a secure fit, whether you’re climbing over a wall or chasing a suspect.

  • Integrated solution: Protect the truth

    The Si500 is designed to work seamlessly with our CommandCentral Vault digital evidence management software. The valuable body camera evidence you capture in the field is stored, processed and shared alongside all your other digital evidence in a single, integrated ecosystem. So you can protect the most valuable asset of all - the truth.

  • Loud and clear audio: Cut through the noise

    No matter the situation, lives depend on you being able to hear—and being heard. Which is why the Si500 features five integrated microphones and an adaptive audio engine for loud and clear audio. Add the power of a Motorola Solutions radio, and you have the proven communications you can rely on when you need it most. 

    Comfort matters too. Wear the Si500 in the way that suits you best. Since it’s designed to let you talk into either side of the device, you can wear it facing in or out without affecting your ability to communicate.

  • Easy to use: Be there when it matters

    When every second counts, technology has to be easy to use. Contextual activation automatically activates the camera based on sensor events so you can focus on the situation in front you. The Si500 gives you an intuitive touchscreen that saves time and effort. Tap to control radio channels, choose talk groups or adjust the volume. Quickly tag videos or images when you’re in the field, and make audio notes while the information’s still fresh in your mind.

    There’s also built-in Wi-Fi, so you can upload evidence from anywhere your organization has a connection that’s deemed secure - whether that’s a coffee shop or your kitchen.

    There’s no need to wait until you are back at the station to tag and file video evidence or upload it. You can do it from wherever its most convenient so you can stay on the streets longer and be there when it matters.

  • Rugged reliability: Rely on purpose-built design

    You need a device that can stand up to the harsh reality of the job. The Si500 is designed and tested to withstand tough conditions ranging from water immersion to accidental drops. IP67 rated, the Si500 can survive immersion in one meter of water for up to 30 minutes, so it’ll keep working if you get stuck in a downpour or caught in a flash flood. It’s also built to MIL-STD 810 G spec with a tempered glass display that’s scratch and shatter resistant, so don’t worry about it getting damaged if you’re climbing over a wall or chasing a suspect. It can handle a drop onto solid concrete.

    The Si500 also features an advanced ergonomic design, so it’s easy to hold and operate even with gloves on or in wet conditions. Easily locate the textured push-to-talk button and the orange emergency button. Use a slider to start recording video, instead of a button that can be pressed accidentally. And enjoy programmable buttons for fast access to audio notes, still image capture and more.

    You also need a battery that can keep up with your ever-changing day. Get up to 12 hours of power with a rechargeable battery. Since it’s easy to swap out, you can keep a spare on hand for added battery life. And in the event that you do run out of power, critical functions like push-to-talk and emergency calling are still available through the connection to your radio. This ensures you have the vital voice communications you need during extended missions.

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