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Black; Wilcox Mission Helmet Recording System (MHRS) - HCC Tactical

Mission Helmet Recording System (MHRS)

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The Wilcox Mission Helmet Recording System (MHRS) is comprised of a Dashboard Assembly with miniature Day and Night Camera Module, Quick Change TM Power Supply Module, Miniature Video and Audio Recorder that all mount to a MICH/ACH helmet by means of a powered track. This unique track carries power from a Quick Change TM Power Supply Module to the mounted devices.


  • Miniature Recording Module provides eight hours of high resolution audio and video imagery
  • Miniature Day/Night Camera mounts to a Dovetail Shoe on the Dashboard for day operation. For night operation, the camera mounts to an AN/PVS-15/18 AN/PVS-14 or BNVD eyecup interface and prism that mounts to the NVG to capture nighttime video as seen through the NVG without obstructing the operator’s image. The amber filter provides a tactical advantage, greatly reducing green eye splash common to all NVG devices
  • Miniature audio microphone attaches to the Miniature Recording Module for audio capture
  • Uniquely designed Modular Powered Track easily secures to the MICH/ACH helmet by means of a patented Ratcheting Cinch Mechanism
  • Recorder Module provides for download to a computer through a concealed USB Connection Port
  • The Wilcox Dashboard Assembly allows the operator to securely mount the MHRS to a MICH/ACH Helmet drilled with one or three holes, and allows attachment of an NVG,
  • Maintains a very low profile stance on the helmet
  • A Wilcox NVG Lanyard prevents loss of the night vision goggle
  • Flat matte finish for durability and covertness in Combat Conditions


  • Weight (with Battery) 23.3 oz (0.72 kg)
  • Weight (without Battery) 21.8 oz (0.68 kg)
  • Storage Capacity Shipped with 8 Gb CF Card
  • Color Video Length Up to 8 Hrs Total with Audio
  • Maximum File Size per Video 3.8 Gb
  • Audio Only Length Up to 75 Hours Total


  • 31700G01 Modular Power Track
  • 43501G01 L3 Dashboard Assembly with Day/Night Camera
  • 43502G01 Recording Module (8 Hour Recording Capacity)
  • 34400G01 Two (2) Quick Change TM Standard Power Supply
  • Modules (See TDS TDS016)
  • 28300G01 L2 Universal NVG Mount
  • 28300G14 L3 Bayonet Interface
  • 41401G01 NVG Lanyard Assembly
  • 43505G02 Miniature Audio Microphone
  • 43503G01 Amber Eyecup Prism Assembly
  • 43504G02 Amber Eyecup Kit with Spacer
  • 43505G03 Wire Harness - Video Out
  • 43505G04 USB Data Cable
  • 43502G10 Eight (8) Gigabyte Compact Flash Card

Manufacturer Part Number: 43500G01


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