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Ops-Core FAST Side Armor Tan Slim HCC Tactical

FAST Side Armor


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Product Details

Sale of this product is restricted to active military, security, and law enforcement personnel. Upon placing an order, we will contact you to confirm eligibility, requesting appropriate documentation as necessary.

  • Provides additional ballistic coverage and environmental protection, which allows the user to quickly adjust the level of ballistic coverage to match changing threats.
  • Comes in slim and wide configurations.
  • FAST XP High Cut Helmet is compatible with both slim and wide configurations.
  • FAST MT Super High Cut Helmet is compatible with only slim configuration.
  • Quick and tool-less attachment to the FAST ARCs.
  • Utilization of a two point attachment system to the Ops-Core ARC provides a strong rigid base.
  • Low profile design does not interfere with sighting (stock weld) on shoulder fire weapon systems.
  • One size fits all.

Testing, Protocols, and Design

Ops-Core FAST Side Armor Testing Protocols & Design Chart.gif