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Black / Leather; Norotos Facemask, Force-To-Overcome - HCC Tactical

Facemask, Force-To-Overcome

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This Product is subject to ITAR/EAR Export Controls. Please visit our ITAR/EAR page (click here) or Contact Us for more Information.

The Facemask with Force-to-Overcome Stow Release combines the flexibility of headgear with the rugged, durable stability of a helmet-secured night vision mounting device. Developed through rigorous testing and application engineering, the Facemask provides a comfortable fit with active resiliency amid unrestrained field conditions, while retaining peak conversion capacity with available interchangeable sockets for rapid HORN and DOVETAIL style NVG adaptability.

Ensuring extensive custom-fit wearability through Ergonomically Optimized Tilt and Fore/Aft Eye Relief Adjustment, the Facemask provides extensive capabilities through one-handed operation of adjustment or release levers and buttons. Prepared for sturdy extended field capacity, equipped with rigorous helmet mount finishes, the Facemask ensures a strong stable platform.

Confirming its adaptability, the Facemask is equipped with available rapid changeability between HORN and DOVETAIL NVGs in becoming universally compatible. Auto-Shut Off when goggles are either stowed or removed from Facemask further ensures users’ operational convenience.

In expanding the limits of versatility night vision mounting systems encompass, the Facemask accelerates the possibilities of sturdy lightweight headgear achievements, through a robust stability and comprehensive versatility throughout.


  • Ergonomically Optimized Tilt & Fore/Aft-Eye-Relief Adjustment Levers for a custom-fit user experience
  • NVG Safety Release Rotating Knob OR NVG Safety Release Button (dependent on socket)
  • Force-to-Overcome Deploy/Stow Release enables single-handed decisive user pressure flip-up/flip-down
  • Horn & Dovetail NVG Interchangeability with available dual sockets for quick-change conversion
  • Universal NVG Compatible for PVS-7B/D, PVS-14, PVS-7A/7C, PVS-15, PVS-18, PVS-21, & PVS-31
  • Auto Shut-Off when NVG in stow position or removed from facemask
  • Durable Helmet Mount Surface Finishes withstand extreme environmental and field conditions
  • Safe & Easy Operational Tactile Differentials on operating levers, knobs, and buttons

Interface Adapters:

Quick-Change Dovetail Socket (click here to view) (PVS-15/18/21 Interface Adapter)

Rapidly transform your HORN (PVS-7/14) style helmet mount for DOVETAIL (PVS-15/18/21/31) readiness with Quick-Change Sockets. As easy as a turn and a slide gives you the option of turning Norotos helmet mounts that include the AKA II (#1840010), AKA II HYPER (#1940010), INVG HYPER (#1920010), and Lo-Sto Force-to-Overcome (#1962010) and Push Button (#1960010) into a realm of expanded versatility in becoming DOVETAIL compatible.

Quick-Change Horn Socket (Click here to view) (PVS-7/14 interface Adapter)

Easily convert your DOVETAIL (PVS-15/18/21/31) style helmet mount into HORN (PVS-7/14) style readiness with Quick-Change Sockets. A simple turn and slide opens a new space of possibilities for select Norotos helmet mounts including the AKA II (#1840010), AKA II HYPER (#1940010), INVG HYPER (#1920010), and Lo-Sto Force-to-Overcome (#1962010) and Push Button (#1960010), all becoming HORN compatible.

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