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DS07 Scout Light Waterproof Switch


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The DS07 is a waterproof switch assembly for SureFire's Scout Light® WeaponLights.

It includes a system-disable feature, a click on/off pushbutton switch, and an ST07 switch assembly with a 7" plug-in momentary-on remote tape switch.

The integrated pushbutton and remote switch assemblies operate independently, providing switch redundancy. 

  • Fits : SureFire Scout Light Weapon Lights


    • Length : 7 inches


    • DS00 click on/off pushbutton switch
    • Plug-in ST07 with 7" cable length and momentary-on pressure pad
    • System disable feature
    • Two piece, O-Ring sealed housing swivels to facilitate precise positioning of the integrated click on/off switch in the DS switch housing


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