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MagPul Death Bunny - Fine Cotton Small  HCC Tactical

Death Bunny - Fine Cotton


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In the history of Magpul, they have had a few iconic characters--both real and imagined--that captured the essence of the Magpul ethos...and then there was the Pink Fluffy Bunny of Death. If you have to ask, then you probably don't want to ask, though they were definitely getting their Ed Roth on with this particular design. The inspiration came from a seldom-mentioned build-your-own race that takes place once a year in the western US. 

This T-Shirt has been designed and engineered from the fiber to finished garment to be the softest, most comfortable, mid-weight T-Shirt available. Using 100% ring spun cotton and preshrunk, these T’s are constructed with a cut-n-sew pattern exclusive to Magpul. This method of construction features a side seam that controls twisting and torque and is finished off with our own rib collar and custom neck tape. Limited edition; available while supplies last.


  • 100% Ring Spun Cotton
  • Designed, Engineered, and Patterned by Magpul
  • Side Seam Cut-N-Sew construction
  • Printed in the USA