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Tan; Galvion Caiman Bump Mandible Guard - HCC Tactical

Caiman Bump Mandible Guard

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Batlskin Viper, Cobra, and Caiman Head Protection lines are available for military and law enforcement unit level buys and are available for individual civilian purchase in the U.S. and Canada only and may require approval for U.S. Export control. At this time Revision does not sell Batlskin Viper, Caiman, or Cobra helmets or helmet accessories to individual end users internationally.

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Ergonomic, detachable lower-face impact protection for the Caiman Helmet System that is designed for rigorous movement and fast-paced operations.


  • Caiman Bump Mandible Guard


  • Ambidextrous - With dual attachment points, one on each side rail of the helmet system, users can swiftly and easily disconnect the mandible to refuel mid-mission with either hand.
  • Open Swing - Caiman mandible guards are built to be extremely tough but also flexible, allowing users to unclip and swing the mandible wide open without completely detaching it from the helmet
  • Ultra-Slim Profile - Designed for fast-paced, dynamic maneuvers, Caiman Mandible Guards have an ultra-slim, in-tight, ergonomic fit that ensures unencumbered head movements and maximum field-of-vision
  • Foldable Lean and bendable, the arms of the Caiman Mandibles fold over for fast, economical storage without taking up much-needed space


Color Options

  • Black, Tan 499, Gray


  • Compatible with Caiman Hybrid Helmet
  • Compatible with Caiman Ballistic Helmet
  • Compatible with Caiman Bump Helmet
  • NOT Compatible with Viper Helmets
  • NOT Compatible with Cobra Helmets
  • NOT Compatible with Viper Rails
  • NOT Compatible with Cobra Rails
  • Compatible with Caiman Rails

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