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Tan; Galvion Caiman Ballistic Mandible Guard - HCC Tactical

Caiman Ballistic Mandible Guard

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Ballistic jaw guard designed to integrate with the Caiman Head System that balances flexible, detachable utility and superior fragmentation protection.


  • Caiman Ballistic Mandible Guard


  • Ambidextrous - With dual attachment points, one on each side rail of the helmet system, users can swiftly and easily disconnect the mandible to refuel mid-mission with either hand.
  • Open Swing - Caiman mandible guards are built to be extremely tough but also flexible, allowing users to unclip and swing the mandible wide open without completely detaching it from the helmet
  • Ultra-Slim Profile - Designed for fast-paced, dynamic maneuvers, Caiman Mandible Guards have an ultra-slim, in-tight, ergonomic fit that ensures unencumbered head movements and maximum field-of-vision
  • Foldable - Lean and bendable, the arms of the Caiman Mandibles fold over for fast, economical storage without taking up much-needed space


Color Options

  • Black, Tan 499, Gray


  • Compatible with Caiman Hybrid Helmet
  • Compatible with Caiman Ballistic Helmet
  • Compatible with Caiman Bump Helmet
  • NOT Compatible with Viper Helmets
  • NOT Compatible with Cobra Helmets
  • NOT Compatible with Viper Rails
  • NOT Compatible with Cobra Rails
  • Compatible with Caiman Rails

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