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Black; Ops-Core AMP Headset Downlead Cable - HCC Tactical

AMP Headset Downlead Cable (27")

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Product Details

The shape and edge trim of Ops-Core helmet shells are specifically designed to maintain natural hearing and sound localization during normal use. The addition of hearing and communications components, such as the Ops-Core AMP Communication Headset, further enhance hearing protection and communications.

  • Connects AMP Communication Headsets to various push-to-talk, intercom, and radio options.
  • Provides high quality, environmentally sealed connection points.
  • Dimensions: 27" long
  • Immersion: IPX7

Cable Types

Binaural - The radio information that is transmitted into the earcup will be heard on both earcups.  Allows user to attach a single or dual PTT, regardless which radio is selected will be heard in both earcups.

Monaural - The radio information that is transmitted into the earcup will be heard only on the earcup it is attached to.  Allows the user to use two independent single PTTs and downlead cables to allow one ear to hear comms from one radio and the other ear to hear comms from the other radio.

Stereophonic - For Dual PTT use, will send information only to the left or right earcup depending which PTT button is selected.  Similar to the monaural cable but is achieved with a dual PTT vice two single PTTs.

Aircraft ICS - Will allow the AMP headset to tie into a standard GA Intercom and will convert the mic impedance (5 ohm) to match the intercom.


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