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AMAP III Conversion Attachment Kit


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The AMAP Conversion Kit allows you to directly attach Agilite AMAP III and other Agilite accessories to ANY plate carrier. Agilite plate carriers come...
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The AMAP Conversion Kit allows you to directly attach Agilite AMAP III and other Agilite accessories to ANY plate carrier. Agilite plate carriers come already fitted with the K-Series attachment system that allows you to directly attach assault packs. However, if your Department or Military unit mandate a non-Agilite carrier, the conversion kit can be retrofitted in minutes and makes any plate carrier compatible with Agilite Assault packs or hydration systems. After installation, you can don/doff your Assault pack in seconds.

The Conversion kit is very low profile so it can be left on your plate carrier permanently or can be removed quickly when not in use, if you prefer.

Why would I want to attach my Assault pack directly to my Plate Carrier?

Directly attaching your assault pack to your plate carrier means that your entire gear and survival sustainment system is one grab away, whether from your gear cage, your vehicle or from under your bed. When you need to catch the HELO or when facing a bad guy, you have your Plate Carrier, armor, ammunition, helmet, eye-pro, supplies etc in one grabbable unit, reducing your response time.

It also means that in a gunfight you don’t have shoulder pads on shoulder pads, all moving independently and unnecessarily bulking up your shoulders and stock weld. All your gear is working as 1 unit, and doesn’t obstruct your rifle or head manipulation.


  • Allows you to directly attach the AMAP III assault pack to ANY plate carrier with MOLLE (not just Agilite plate carriers), in seconds
  • Consists of 1 central attachment piece and 2 connecting buckles
  • Can be installed on or removed from any plate carrier quickly and easily
  • Once installed, allows you to don/doff the AMAP in seconds
  • Provides loop/buckle attachment points to make your issued carrier Agilite-compatible


  • 500 Denier Mil Spec Tactical Nylon
  • Mil Spec Plastic hardware
  • Fits any plate carrier with 6 horizontal MOLLE loops (or more)


  • Height: 30cm (11.8")
  • Width: 15cm (5.9")
  • Depth: 8mm (0.3")


  • One Size
  • Fits any plate carrier with at least 2 rows of 4 horizontal MOLLE loops (or more)


  • Will the conversion kit fit any plate carrier?
    Yes, it will fit any plate carrier with MOLLE webbing or laser-cut MOLLE slits.

  • Will the AMAP attach as well as it does to an Agilite Plate Carrier?
    While it works very well, for optimal compatibility it’s always preferable to attach your AMAP to an Agilite plate carrier.

  • Can the conversion kit stay on my gear or do I need to remove it after every use?
    No, it’s very low profile and can stay on your gear permanently if you like.

  • Does the conversion kit require any sewing or special tools to attach it?
    No, it can be attached in seconds and requires no tools at all.

  • Can I use the conversion kit to attach an Agilite AMAP II or just the AMAP III?
    For it to be able to used with an AMAP2 you will need 2 additional buckles that can be requested from Agilite when placing your order.

  • Does it connect to plate carriers with laser cut MOLLE instead of traditional MOLLE webbing?

  • I have an Agilite plate carrier-do I need this conversion kit?