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Active Shooter Helmet Kit

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The Gentex® Active Shooter Helmet Kit is a Tactical Ballistic Helmet (TBH) System pre-configured with the Ops-Core® Multi-Hit Handgun Face Shield is ideal for quick use by Special Operations teams, law enforcement, and active shooter situations. (For law enforcement, the kit is meant to be stored in patrol vehicles for immediate access in critical response situations.) The base shell provides head protection against handgun, fragmentation, blunt force trauma, and environmental threats, while the face shield protects the face from handgun threats. Additional stability, and increased protection and comfort is added by the Ops-Core ACH 360° Liner Kit and 4-Point Head-Loc® H-Nape Chinstrap.

  • Gentex Tactical Ballistic Helmet System Shell
    • Low cut shell featuring Ops-Core ACH Skeleton™ Accessory Rail Connectors (ARCs) designed to meet the rigorous challenges of law enforcement patrol and special operations teams.
    • Maximum coverage offers superior protection against handgun, fragmentation, blunt force trauma, and environmental threats Ops-Core Multi-Hit Handgun Face Shield.
    • Seamlessly incorporates with Gentex TBH helmet system using the Ops-Core ACH Skeleton ARCs for facial protection against multiple impacts from handgun threats.
    • ARC interface locking system provides a solid platform for the face shield.
    • Once mounted, the unique, face shield locking mechanism secures face shield in any position/angle desired.
    • The Fore/Aft adjustment maintains an effective seal with different helmet geometries as well as increases offset to accommodate masks and other equipment when needed.
    • When not in use, the face shield smoothly and quickly pivots up close to the head’s center of gravity for increased comfort.
    • Face shield gasket minimizes chance of liquids dripping behind lens.
    • Ballistic protective lens: 9mm 124gr FMJ @ 1,400 fps (427 m/s) & 44 Cal Magnum 240gr SWCGC @ 1,400 fps (427 m/s) Ops-Core ACH 360° Liner Kit.
    • Two-piece construction (Impact Liner & Comfort Pads) maintains blunt impact protection throughout head regardless of location of pads; an advantage over traditional block systems that only provide protection where block is located.
    • Comes with complete sets of ¼”, ½”, and ¾” thick Comfort Pads that can be intermingled to create a unique user fit for maximum comfort.
    • Comfort Pads are wrapped in breathable, moisture-wicking outer fabric, ensuring low moisture absorbency in a dual density comfort material that is simple to clean.
    • Designed not to retain water or sweat, and are easily removed for cleaning/replacement
  • Ops-Core 4-Point Head-Loc H-Nape Chinstrap
    • Resolves issue of NVG instability caused by helmets slipping on the head.
    • Features 5th adjustment tab on nape pad to provide extra support and prevent back and forth helmet rotation.
    • Patented Head-Loc tabs provide instant one-handed chinstrap adjustment while wearing the helmet.
    • Simplified strap geometry with straight force lines and unique design eliminate loose ends.
    • Padded leather chin cup and nape pad provide support during long missions.
    • Custom webbing weave provides greater durability & ventilation.
    • Available in left or right eye configurations to keep buckle on opposite side of weapon sighting.


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