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ITAR Statement

You absolutely cannot export ITAR restricted items without valid U.S. State Department approval. To do so without such approval is a Federal Offense and you will end up in a U.S. Federal Penitentiary. Claiming that you were unaware of the laws will not hold up in court.

It is a violation of ITAR to allow anyone who is not a U.S. citizen to look through U.S. Gen-3 night vision equipment or thermal (even on US Soil). They are also not allowed to look at, or have access to, any operator’s manuals or documentation, whatsoever, pertaining to US Gen 3 Night Vision Devices/Thermal. This has been confirmed with the US State Department and major Night Vision/Thermal Manufacturers.

Exportation of Night Vision Devices includes international travel. This means you cannot take a night vision device with you if you leave the country to go hunting or on a safari(certain thermal models we can offer have a low enough hz rating to be non ITAR).This means it cannot be taken out of the country by plane, train, boat, or automobile. Doing so is in direct violation of ITAR and, again, you will go to a Federal Penitentiary. This includes all civilian and law enforcement personnel.

It is important to note that many accessories may also be ITAR controlled items. Always do your research before making any assumptions that could land you in prison.

Please help keep this technology in the US so our War Fighters and Law Enforcement can maintain a competitive edge abroad and at our borders.