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Caiman Hybrid Applique

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For U.S. and Canadian customers, please note that at this time, the Batlskin Caiman Ballistic Helmet System, Caiman Hybrid Helmet System, and Caiman Bump Helmet System, and Viper Standalone Long Rails are only available for federal, government, and military purchases.

This product is a build-to-order item and ships in approximately 8-12 weeks.

The two-piece applique provides the option to up-armor the top and front of the Caiman shell, or the back, or both simultaneously. Works with the Caiman Hybrid bump as well as the Caiman

Up-armor helmet shell attachment to elevate or enhance ballistic and fragmentation protection


  • Significantly exceeds 2200 ft/s (670 m/s), 1.1 g (17 gr) FSP 
  • Stops NIJ IIIA level threats (9mm, 44 mag & .357 SIG) (NIJ 0106.01)  
  • Meets U.S Army Standard for impact protection AR-PD 14-01

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