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Plans for the Future

I want my customers to have a good feel for where we are headed as a company, so here goes!

We are currently registered FFL and can get just about any gun you want at great prices.  Here in the next 6 months the website will be updated to show a large percentage of our available firearms.

Our E-commerce business is slowly growing to a full fledged website that will hopefully give you a pleasant  and hassle free shopping experience.

We will be branching out our physical services over the next 2.5 years to include cerakote application to not only firearms but just about any item you wont coted (wheels, exhaust, Yetti Cups, etc... We will also be moving into the field of Hydrographics (water transfer printing) as well to help add those unique looks to your items such as carbon fiber, camo, wood grains, etc...

Our applicators will all be individually trained and certified by our approved vendors to ensure the best finishes possible.

Lastly, within 5 years we will also be offering full service sand blasting and powder coating.

We will offer different combination options of the above application (base, pattern, topcoat) to fit the specific need of what you are looking for.

Please stick with us as we grow over the next few years and enjoy the shopping while you wait!

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